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Patented Eyeglass Holder Stick Pins  (patent #D545717)
Does this poem sound familiar to you or someone you know?

Where did I put my glasses?
A phrase I've often said.
Can't stand the chain around my neck;
won't stay atop my head!

Each one of our patented eyeglass holder stick pins is handmade by the inventor of this useful and beautiful pin.

They are simple to use and fun to wear. You just pin it on and slide the earpiece of your glasses into the loop. Now you will always know where your glasses are!

They work great to hold your sunglasses or as an ID badge holder too!

Pins come accented with decorative beads or pewter charms for a fun and personal touch!

Many charms to pick from:

airplane, angel, basketball, bingo card, bugle, Christian fish, clarinet, clock, cloisonne beads, cloisonne butterfly, crosses, “#1 Dad”, dog, dollar sign, dragonfly, eyeglasses, flip flop, footprints, french horn, frog, garden claw, golf ball, golf flag, “Gone fishing”, “#1 Grandma”, guitar, happy person, harp, heart with pink or red crystals, “I love my cat”, “I love my dog”, “I love skating”, kitchen items, kitten, ladybug, lock&key, medical bag, “#1 Mom”, moose, pail&shovel, pocketbook, red hat, saxophone, seahorse, shamrock, fancy shoe, soccer ball, swim fin, tennis racket, turtle, umbrella, U.S.A. Items, violin, wheelbarrow and more!

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